• Bungee Jumping Individual Booking: Bungee Jumping is now finally available in Goa. You can book with us now. We have been waiting for a long time for it to arrive. It is one of the most requested activities by our customers and until now we have had to say it is not available. We are super psyched to inform our most adventurous customers that the ultimate adrenaline rush, Bungee Jumping, is here. The location is amazing and you jump from a tower above a lake in Goa, what could be more spectacular. Highest Safety Standards: As always at Atlantis, we only offer activities with the highest safety standards. We offer a spine chilling experience in total safety. All jumps are operated under, STANZ (Standard of Australia and New Zealand) standard operating procedures. The Bungee Jumps are supervised by highly trained staff with the experience of any many jumps under their belts. Bungee Jumping started with a crazy person jumping off a bridge in New Zealand. Just because he could! From that first jump, it has grown across the world with jumps in many stunning locations. It was New Zealand that laid down the safety rules and it is those that are followed by all reputable operators. We provide everything All safety equipment is provided. We ask that ladies do not wear dress or skirts. We provide pick/drop for our bungee jumping adventurers to take you to the Mayem Lake, Bicholim. However, you can also opt for self-drive and we will send you the activity location map once you book your tickets. We have age restrictions for bungee jumping and you should be of ten years or above to enjoy this activity. If you come in the bracket of 10 to 17 years, then make sure that you have an adult along with you, to sign the consent form. We also ask you to be well hydrated and rested before you jump. It is mandatory to inform our crew if you have any of medical issues like low blood pressure, heart conditions, epilepsy, high myopia, broken or fractured bones/dislocations, fragile skin, neurological disorders, diabetes, asthma, prosthetics, panic/anxiety attacks. Great photos and video for Social Media Lovers: You can post the coolest pictures of this adventure with your friends on social media. When you try something as amazing as bungee jumping, we want to give you the best of videos and photos for you to show off with. You will get five different 4k camera angles and one drone shot flown by our super professional pilots who will edit your video make sure that you have an epic set of bungee jumping photos and videos.


  • Information : Physical Information: Minimum 35 kg to 150 kg. Weight difference between tandem Jumpers must not exceed 30 kg. Maximum combined weight 150 kg. Please ensure you wear flat, secure and enclosed footwear. Chappals, slippers , non strapped sandals or high heels are not allowed. Wear clothes like Singlets, T-shirts, shorts or pants. Avoid wearing a skirt dress.Pick / Drop included At Extra Cost.Safety Gear: Safety Gear provided. 5 pictures of jump provided (Digital Copies)



  • ITINERARY Timing 9:00 A.M to 6:00 PM